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These on-demand webinars have three goals:

1. Create a common ground for conversations between healthcare providers and patients;

2. Model how to present health information to patients that is actionable; and, 

3. Present the latest information.

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Real or Synthetic

This 30-minute webinar covers the types of information, key aspects of how the brain works, and how what is known about the brain is harnessed by others to further their goals. The webinar includes essential discernment skills, practical tools, and knowledge to protect a person and their families from harmful narratives and information. 

The webinar is enriched by animations of key points by the cast of Baldo— America’s favorite comic strip familia— Sergio, Baldo, Gracie, and Tia Carmen. The webinar presents the Wait2Click Challenge as a new healthy habit to benefit every aspect of a person’s life.

30-minute webinar only: English   Spanish

30-minute webinar and 0.5 CME credit: English   Spanish

Hispanic Family

Diabetes se puede controlar [Diabetes Can Be Controlled]— Community Health Champions

This webinar covers 4 essential themes— What Everyone Needs to Know About Diabetes, Healthy Eating is About Healthy Choices, Balancing What We Eat with What We Do— The Secrets of Exercise, and Taking Control of Diabetes— When Someone You Know Has Diabetes.

1-hour webinar only: English   Spanish

1-hour webinar and 2 CME credits: English   Spanish

Hispanic Women

Taking Control of Your Health— Caregiving Starts With You

Using what is known about Hispanic women this dynamic and engaging webinar offers an exploration of body systems and their synergy, mental health and wellbeing, and critical environmental health factors like access to clean water and air. It also provides current insights on nutrition, label reading skills, the significance of the USP certification mark, and strategies for crafting a personal health plan. The emphasis is on knowledge sharing, reasonable options for lifestyle adjustments, and the development of individual health strategies.

2-hour webinar only: English   Spanish

2-hour webinar and 2 CME credits: English   Spanish

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