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Proyecto Ciencia

HAF supports the science base by increasing the number of researchers who as a means of achieving the best health for all examine the health and well-being of Hispanics. As a result, HAF seeks funding to support researchers.

Healthy Americas Research Consortium

The goal of the Healthy Americas Research Consortium (HARC) is to fund and create opportunities for researchers who focus on the experience and health of underserved communities.

Background: In 2022-2023 HARC supported 10 scholars conducting research on cervical cancer and screening among Hispanic women. Research proposals were sought to understand the screening issues discussed in a national survey conducted by HAF; experiences with accessing Pap and HPV screening; and, effective approaches to increasing Pap and HPV screening in Hispanic and other underserved communities. Each scholar received $10,000 to support their research project. All projects were based on data in whole or in part from the National Institutes of Health’s All of Us Research Hub, a major national source of data on health and well-being.

Update: In 2024 HAF is proud to announce a new funding opportunity to support up to 10 scholars conducting research about chronic diseases in Hispanic communities. Research projects should emphasize the role of contributory causes, including biological, behavioral, social, and environmental factors; health care access; and/or the intersection of mental health and chronic disease. For the request for proposals or to apply click the buttons below.

NEW FUNDING OPPORTUNITY:  Application deadline is February 29, 2024 - Decision by March 25, 2024

UPDATE:  Application deadline extended to Thursday March 7, 2024 11:59pm ET

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