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Protect your family and friends— Share 'Real or Synthetic' Today!

By sharing this program, you are helping your family and friends develop the essential skills needed to navigate the changing information age. Together, we can create a more informed, resilient, and aware society. Your support makes a difference!

Wait2Click Challenge

Today’s information landscape is very powerful for all topics— money, health, love, news, and many more. “Real or Synthetic” is a 30-minute webinar that covers the types of information, key aspects of how the brain works, and how what is known about the brain is harnessed by others to further their goals. Viewers will come away with essential discernment skills, practical tools, and knowledge to protect themselves and their families from harmful narratives and information. The webinar also introduces the Wait2Click Challenge as a new healthy habit to benefit every aspect of a person’s life.

View the webinar below OR to register, view the webinar, and earn a certificate along with .5 CMEs click here.

The webinar is enriched by animations of key points by the cast of Baldo— America’s favorite comic strip familia— Sergio, Baldo, Gracie, and Tia Carmen. Below are the animations of key points that support the need for everyone to take the WAIT2CLICK challenge:

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