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Initial Funds

HAF was initially funded with donations from the Alliance, HAF Board Members, HAF staff, Alliance staff, and Alliance members. Donations to HAF represented a tangible commitment to a future marked by health for all communities and for efforts throughout the Americas. We do not accept money from alcohol, tobacco, or sugar sweetened beverage companies.

New Fund

The Hispanic Family Equity Fund is a $100 million initiative that aims to improve health and well-being for Hispanics nationwide.

Other Opportunities

We also welcome the opportunity to develop donor-designated programs such as the Lucy Delgado Fund, named scholarships, or specific program support funds. Gifts in the form of stock certificates, publicly traded stocks, retirement plan assets, life insurance, and real property are welcome. 

For additional information please contact us

Be a Part of Our Mission to Build a Healthier Future for the Americas

At HAF, we are committed to creating a healthier future for people and families across the Americas by advancing science, increasing knowledge about health, and increasing access to healthcare services. Your support is crucial to our cause.

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