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HARC Grant Application

UPDATE:  Application deadline extended to Thursday March 7, 2024 11:59pm ET

Please fully read the HARC Request for Proposals available hereAlso available for download.

If you have any questions, please contact

All of Us Research Workbench Access

Access to the Researcher Workbench is available only to registered researchers with an institutional Data Use and Registration Agreement (DURA) in place. If your institution does not have a DURA, you may still apply for a Todos Juntos research grant. HARC will provide scholars selected as grant recipients with access to the All of Us Researcher Workbench through the National Alliance for Hispanic Health’s DURA that is supporting this work. You can search or browse the list of registered institutions to confirm if your institution has a DURA in place.

Please upload the following documents (In PDF or Word )

Research Plan (500-1000 words)

Please include a project background drawn from a literature review, research question(s) to be studied, a data analysis plan, and the expected contribution to the understanding of Hispanic health. Note: You should clearly indicate how you plan to use the All of Us Researcher Workbench. You can consult the All of Us Curated Data Repository (CDR) Data Dictionaries to review the data types available and the Data Browser to explore aggregate-level data counts.

Team’s Previous Research Experience (500 words)

Please include team members’ research experience and expertise that enables you and any team members to conduct this research project.  Please include your and any team members’ proficiency in programming languages available on the Researcher Workbench.

Project Timeline (1 page for a timeline of up to 6 months)

Please include major milestones for completion of the research project.

Recommendation Letter (1 page)

The letter must be from a mentor who will support the proposed research effort. It should describe your and/or your team’s capacity to complete the proposed research project.

Budget (1 page)

Please include at a minimum any data storage and costs for analysis in the Researcher Workbench, the personnel costs for each team member, personnel fringe costs and fringe rate (if any), travel costs (if any), and any other costs.  There should be no more than a 20% indirect rate charged (see “Indirect Budget Letter” below). For data and analysis costs beyond the $300 in initial credits provided by All of Us for registered users, visit the User Support Hub for information about what influences analysis costs and how to estimate analysis costs,

Indirect budget letter

Please provide a letter from your institution agreeing to use no more than a 20% indirect rate which on a $10,000 budget would be a maximum of $8,333 in direct costs and $1,667 in indirect costs (model letter can be found here).

Research Plan
Team’s Previous Research Experience
Project Timeline
Recommendation Letter
Indirect budget letter
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