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The Hispanic Family Equity Fund (HFEF): For A Better Future

Update: We just received a $5 million leadership gift for the fund. 

Centene and the Centene Charitable Foundation supported the start-up of the fund with a one million dollar commitment. We are looking for more companies and foundations to contribute to the fund and help support Hispanic families nationwide.


While the pandemic has been difficult for all Americans, it has been devastating for our nation’s Hispanic community. Hispanics have seen some of the highest job losses, and are still confronting the worst physical tolls of this deadly virus. There is an urgent need to invest in change and address the inequities that are affecting the Hispanic community. It is up to us to ensure a better, brighter future.


As part of an effort to improve outcomes for the 62 million Hispanics living in the United States, the Healthy Americas Foundation has launched the Hispanic Family Equity Fund — a $100 million initiative that aims to improve health and well-being for Hispanics nationwide. 


The $100 million fund will address the full spectrum of factors that impact health and well-being in Hispanic communities. It includes:


  • $20 million in grants to support community family services 


  • $5 million to monitor national, state, and community policy to ensure Hispanic families can recover from the impacts of the COVID pandemic


  • $75 million will support emerging opportunities and foster innovation in the delivery of services to close the well-being gap for Hispanic families.

If your company or foundation would like to learn more about the fund please send an email or call:

Jane L. Delgado, PhD, MS, President and CEO • 202-797-4321

Adolph P. Falcón, MPP, Executive Vice President • 202-797-4341

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