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Our Vision

The Healthy Americas Foundation (HAF) is committed to the best health for all.

We are a U.S. based national non-governmental 501(c)(3) organization that strives to improve and further the health of individuals and families in their communities. Our actions are tailored to the needs and resources that exist at the local level. We work with a broad group of partners and consistent with our mission, do not accept funding from tobacco, alcohol, or sugar sweetened beverage companies.


We are grounded in the experience of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health and its many partners. Celebrating 49 years, the Alliance has grown to become a network of community-based members that deliver quality health and human services to over 15 million persons annually and national members that provide services to over 100 million persons annually.


HAF is innovating, incubating, and investing in communities. Our efforts foster community-driven efforts that improve the lives of individuals and families throughout the Americas. HAF efforts are grounded in and celebrate the role of culture; redefine health as not merely absence of illness; and, nurture wellness in body, mind, and spirit. HAF focuses on three critical underpinnings to a healthy Americas: collaboration with communities, supportive solutions, and international partnerships.

Our Challenges...

A scan of the environment shows that unmet needs in underserved communities throughout the Americas are increasing while resources are decreasing. Additionally,

  • Culture is a factor that is often dismissed;

  • Short term metrics do not measure the effects of interventions that have longer term effects;

  • We do not accept funds from tobacco, alcohol, or sugar sweetened beverage companies;

  • Corporations increasingly target funding to support their products rather than an overall mission of health and wellness;

  • General support is scarce; and,

  • At a time of great immediate needs, raising endowment funds is seen as less desirable by potential donors.

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