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Statement supporting nomination of Xavier Becerra as the 25th Secretary of the
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

December 6, 2020. Washington, DC. “More than ever, the nation needs experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled leadership at the helm of DHHS. Deeply committed to country, service, and all communities, Xavier Becerra will be the steady hand that DHHS needs to be the leader in science, health, and human services. Mr. Becerra’s lifelong commitment to addressing the challenges of families struggling to meet their health and human service needs will help ensure that DHHS is true to its core mission. Under his leadership, DHHS will lead the COVID response in a way that recognizes the sacrifices and losses that so many have endured and create a new path forward. His decades of experience with government at all levels and legislative and regulatory processes have prepared him to be the Secretary of DHHS that the country and indeed the global community needs. We look forward to the Senate’s timely confirmation of this critical Cabinet position after the convening of the 117th Congress next year,” said Jane L. Delgado, PhD, MS, President and CEO of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health.

Contact: Adolph P. Falcón (202) 797-4341


About the National Alliance for Hispanic Health (The Alliance)
The Alliance is the nation’s foremost science-based source of information and trusted advocate for the health of Hispanics in the United States with a mission to achieve the best health for all. For more information visit us at

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